Selected Works

Here are some selected works by Gertrude Stein. These are not the full poems so click on the titles to bring you to them.

Scared Emily

“Cunning saxon symbol.
Symbol of beauty.
Thimble of everything.
Cunning clover thimble.
Cunning of everything.
Cunning of thimble.
Cunning cunning.
Place in pets.
Night town.
Night town a glass.
Color mahogany.
Color mahogany center.
Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.
Loveliness extreme.
Extra gaiters.
Loveliness extreme.
Sweetest ice-cream.
Page ages page ages page ages.
Wiped Wiped wire wire.
Sweeter than peaches and pears and cream.
Wiped wire wiped wire.
Extra extreme.
Put measure treasure.
Measure treasure.
Tables track.
That will do.
Cup or cup or.
Excessively illigitimate.
Pussy pussy pussy what what.
Current secret sneezers.
Mercy for a dog.
Medal make medal.
Able able able.
A go to green and a letter spoke a go to green or praise or
Worships worships worships.”

~Gertrude Stein (Lines 304-344 from Scared Emily)

Lifting Belly (part 1 | part 2 | part 3|)

“What is the name of that pin.
Not a hat pin.
We use elastic.
As garrers.
We are never blamed.
Thank you and see me.
How can I swim.
By not being surprised.
Lifting belly is so kind.
Lifting belly is harmonious.
Can you smile to me.
Lifting belly is prepared.
Can you imagine what I say.
Lifting belly can.
To be remarkable.
To be remarkably so.
Lifting belly and emergencies.
Lifting belly in reading.
Can you say effectiveness.
Lifting belly in reserve.
Lifting belly marches.
There is no song.
Lifting belly marry.
Lifting belly can see the condition.
How do you spell Lindo.
Not to displease.
The dears.
When can I.
When can I.
To-morrow if you like.
Thank you so much.
See you.
We were pleased to receive notes.
In there.
To there.
Can you see spelling.
Anybody can see lines.
Lifting belly is arrogant.
Not with oranges.
Lifting belly inclines me.
To see clearly.
Lifting belly is for me.”

~Gertrude Stein (Lines 100-460 from Lifting Belly: Part III)

Lifting Belly Is So Kind

“Kiss my lips. She did.
Kiss my lips again she did.
Kiss my lips over and over and over again she did.
I have feathers.
Gentle fishes.
Do you think about apricors. We find them very beautiful. It is not alone their color it is their seeds that charm us. We find it a change.
Lifting belly is so strange.
I came to speak about it.
Selected raisins well then grapes grapes are good.
Change your name.
Question and garden,
It’s raining. Don’t speak about it.
My baby is a dumpling I want to tell her something.
Wax candles. We have bought a great many wax candles. Some are decorated. They have not been lighted.
I do not mention roses.
Question and butter.
I find the butter very good.
Lifting belly is so kind.
Lifting belly fattily.
Doesn’t that astonish you.
You did want me.
Say it again.
Lifting beside belly.
Lifting kindly belly.
Sing to me I say.
Some are wives not heroes.
Lifting belly merely.
Sing to me I say.
Lifting belly. A reflection.
Lifting belly adjoins more prizes.
Fit to be.
I have fit on a hat.
Have you.
What did you say to excuse me. Difficult paper and scattered. ”

~Gertrude Stein (Lines 1-37 from Lifting Belly Is So Kind)

If I Had Told Him a Completed Portrait of Picasso

A reading by Gertrude Stein of her poem If I Had Told Him a Completed Portrait of Picasso.

Additional Recordings of Gertrude Stein

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